Some great feedback on the Faire from attendees…

We are receiving a lot of positive feedback on the social networks and our blog which just warms the hearts of everyone on the organizing team. Seems like a lot of people had a wonderful time at this year’s Faire.

The event was spectacular.  I saw every venue occupied with great interest.  Morgan’s interest was very much around the science and engineering and she found plenty to occupy her (and my) interest.  I played with all the drones, (and so did Morgan.)
For me, the food trucks were a great idea!  And you’re going to have to give more room for the chaos machine… that was so fun, but there were just so many people wanting to play — a great problem to have… 😊
I can’t think of anything to improve.  You need to be concerned about needing more room as this gatherers momentum.  As a sponsor, I can tell you it is important to show up and see what this is all about.  I had no idea!!!  I’m happy to spread the word, tell the press, etc…
Awesome event… 😃
– Ken Knueven – President of Reston Association
And a message from one of our dedicated volunteers…
We are sending out surveys to attendees, volunteers and makers today and hope you will take a moment to let us know how your Faire experience was and how we can improve it for next year. Thank you!

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