2014 Makers

Below are the makers who exhibited at the 2014 Maker Faire. We hope to see them and many more on March 15, 2015 at the 2015 NoVa Mini Maker Faire!

Handspinning Yarn

Handspinning is an ancient art form that is undergoing a revival. The painstaking process starts with shearing the wool, to sorting, carding, dyeing, and spinning the fiber on a wheel much the same way it has been done for centuries. You can learn more about the end-to-end process during a live spinning demo and purchase locally sourced handspun yarn and hand dyed fiber to knit, weave, crochet, felt, and use in your craft projects.



Gravity is Optional

Science demonstrations
Magnets, vibration, fluids, high voltage

Our group does weird science demonstrations. We try to do things that most people will never see in another venue. These are videos of what we do


Much of our equipment is home made or scrap. Magnets are purchased (of course). Almost everything is hands on. Normally, we need 3 tables to show stuff. At a recent show, we had 11 people and 4 tables. If that is not possible, then we will cut back what we show. 3 exhibits need power. Wind is a serious problem with a few exhibits. We can adapt.


Wool Sculpture

Learn how to make woodland creatures using only wool, your fingers, and a felting needle. Some woodland creatures and DIY projects kits available for people to take & make will be for sale.



MadiMonsters are cute, pocket-sized monsters with attitude. Thrown together from fabric remnants and rough, hand-sketched patterns, they’re easy to make in half an hour or less, and are all unique! They initially began as a fundraiser project for the JMU Model UN club, but now they’ve turned into a great way to get kids of all ages to learn about the basics of sewing and have fun while doing it!
A demonstration incorporating polyester fill, thread, a pattern, and fabric markers will show how lifeless cloth can quickly become your new best friend!
Loathing patterns as much as loving fabrics, Lindy Westenhoff is a maker and crafter outside the lines. She is a Geographic Science major at James Madison University and the director of a spring conference at JMU on the topic of human rights. If you’re curious on details of MadiMonsters or want to know anything about JMU, feel free to ask! (Currently looking for internship offers in GS, not sewing, but it’s the thought that counts!)


Hot Rod MakerTruck

Restoration project in the works to make a cool looking vintage Hot Rod MakerTruck that will travel to schools with MakerStuff to show kids about STEAM education/MakerStuff in person.


DramaWorks LLC

* Part of the Activity Rocket Village *
*DramaWorks will be creating take-home masks with children at the Mini Maker-Faire*

DramaWorks LLC offers arts education programs for children of different ages and abilities in the Northern Virginia area. DramaWorks offers a variety of classes and camp programs, including Storybook & Puppet Theater, Musical Theater, Improvisation, Shakespeare, Public Speaking, and more! DramaWorks is offering 10 exciting camp sessions in 2014, including Spring Break camp and 9 sessions of amazing Summer camps!! Day camps will include drama games and activites, hands-on art projects, movement and dance, and much more!! Don’t hesitate to bring your child’s imagination to life this year and sign up for a DramaWorks class or camp today!


Landstrider Head

Fantasy/Sci-Fi and historical costuming and prop-making using recycled and repurposed materials, and items found in your local hardware, department and dollar stores.

Work in progress: Landstrider costume head. Interested guests can help with basic construction elements.

Several completed pieces on display.


DC Area Drone User Group

The DC Area Drone User Group is dedicated to teaching people to build and operate their own flying robots and to promoting positive social applications of civilian drone technology.



SeaGlide is a miniature underwater glider controlled by an Arduino. It moves by changing its buoyancy, taking in or expelling water. This change in buoyancy causes the glider to rise and sink in the water. As the glider travels up and down, its wings generate lift, which propels the glider forward.
Full size underwater gliders can run for months at a time and cover great distances on battery power. They carry a sensor payload to collect valuable data about our oceans.
SeaGlide has a buoyancy engine, pitch control, wings, and a rudder, as well as sensors. With lift provided by its wings, it glides forward both as it dives and as it rises. A pressure sensor collects data to determine depth and position over time. This information can be correlated with data from a temperature sensor.
The SeaGlide program has been designed as an educational experience for high school students. SeaGlide kit builders first learn about basic electronics and then progress to circuit board soldering and programming with Arduino Pro Mini microcontrollers. They build servo-driven buoyancy engines with large, 100cc syringes and moveable mass to manage buoyancy and pitch. A critical final step is to ballast gliders for proper underwater flight.



Fine Art studio, visit us for all your fine Art collector needs, sign up for classes and workshops for Children & Adults and summer ART camp too!


MathTree – Games

Product Parfait, a board game that works backwards, was designed by Lynn Salvo, President and Founder of MathTree, Inc., a provider of summer math camps for children ages 6 – 15. Players start with the product (answer) and must figure out its factors for a unique way to make learning multiplication facts fun!


Product Parfait can be played at many levels of experience and skill with up to six players at a time. Using a deck of “product cards” and a deck of number cards from 1 – 10, players make multiple connections and associations while learning multiplication facts.

More than a simple card game, Product Parfait is classroom-tested and based on elementary number theory concepts such as odd, perfect square, prime and divisibility.

Watch students playing Product Parfait:


Camp Craft Classics

Well be kickin it Old School with these quintessential retro camp craft projects!

We’ll be in the Activity Rocket Village.


LisArts Artwork, Classes and Camps.
Artist and Instructor Lis Zadravec
Come Make a Craft and enter a Drawing!
part of the Activity Rocket Village


Tech Threads by STEAM America

“A new generation of wearable is coming–and it will transform how you experience the world.” –Wired Magazine

The wearable technology market is predicted to be HUGE with projected sales in excess of $6 Billion by 2018! You may have heard of Google Glass and Nike+ FuelBand but the world of wearables is so much more–shoes, clothing, and even cosmetics are a part of the new emerging wearable market.

STEAM America’s, “Tech Threads by STEAM America” project will expose youth to the many facets of wearables and guide them in their application of the technology to create solutions to everyday problems. We begin with very simple projects and add complexity as we learn!

Experience the fun of wearable technology with us today!


Vienna Wireless Society

Amateur radio extravaganza! Digital radio, 3D-printed antennas, morse code and worldwide communication. We have it all…


How3D – 3D Scanning

How3D specializes in converting complex three-dimensional data into 3D computer models and animating them.


Crochet/Knitting Handmade Products

Hand Made Crochet products with my imaginary ideas and creative thoughts. It includes – Handbags, Scarfs, Hats, Table covers etc…
These are all made using simple tools and techniques and I would like display and teach interested people.

Wool Wonders …

Knit, Purl, Crochet … Sweaters, Scarves, Hats. What else can you do with yarn and wool ? How about a knit-witch ? A wreath? A bunny? What if we mixed wool, water, heat and soap? What would happen? What if the wool fibers became “paint” for a wool canvas?

Create for art, create for function, create for others, create for joy … come discover the possibilities of yarn and wool.


STRIDE is an award winning innovative design, by 13 year old Srijay Kasturi, to assist the visually impaired. It alerts visually impaired users of objects in close proximity as they are walking so that they can take further precautions against it.

Carving by Tim

These are carvings from wood and stone. I learned to carve wood from Pete LeClaire as a boy. Since moving to Virginia in 2004, I learned to carve stone, as well.

Multiple Projects in Wood, Metal, and Electronics

Several models used to explain space exploration concepts as well as STEM demonstration items including an impact simulator (participants get to drop steel balls or marbles down a tube into a sand crater mold), Jeopardy! “buzzer” box, and (still in work) a satellite simulator.


Inside The Makerspace Workbench

Come and meet Make: writer Adam Kemp, author of The Makerspace Workbench. He will be making giveaways with his home made 3D printer , answering questions, and demoing artifacts from his book. Find out more about how start making at home with some of today’s coolest tech!


Team 1418

Vae Victus FIRST Robotics Team 1418 -George Mason High School
Competition Robot, robot driving simulator, and robotic button dispenser.


3D Design & creation

Introduction to 3D Mechanial Engineering Software and Rapid Prototyping. Learners will experience a quick overview of how to create an assembly using a 3D software in the CAD Lab at South Lakes High School. and see some examples that are printed and watch a 3D printer create the assembly

WyoLum Projects

I am WyoLum and so can you!

We’re a global virtual Maker Space. See the progression of a cool idea grow from a spark into an open source product. We’ll have a version of Dash – a roller bike trainer, ClockTHREEjr word clock, Halo – assistive el wire lighting for elderly people, Lada – scalable laser cut & 3D printed cases. What’s your cool idea?

Together we can make it happen!


Low-Cost Neural Monitoring for Makers: Bringing EEG to the CitizenScientist

Until recently, the technology required to monitor your own brain’s electrical activity was expensive or difficult to use. Here, we will teach you about and demonstrate several devices which will enable the citizen scientist, hobbyist and maker to monitor their own neurobiological signals and incorporate them into interesting scientific and maker-oriented projects. Try out our prototype low-cost EEG devices and make your own model neuron out of pipe cleaners and LED blinkies!

Introducing the T MAX 2.0 3D Printer

Introducing the T MAX 2.0 3D Printer

T MAX 2.0 Features

640 cu.in. Build Volume 8x8x10 tall!
Removeable 7 Nexus 7 Touchscreen Display with Qi Wireless Inductive Charging
Raspberry Pi with Integrated Hotspot for Remote Printing
Perfect Layer Alignment NO Z Wobble in your prints!
The Most Reliable Extruder Money Can Buy the J-Head MkVB for 1.75mm filament
24 Volt Electronics with Ceramic Cartridge Heater Heat to 110 Celsius in < 3 minutes
Fully Open Source Design (OpenSCAD) with COTS Hardware
Designed so that you can actually modify and upgrade YOUR printer
Based on 20mm Aluminum Extrusions from the Proven MendelMax Design
Thanks to HLMAX for the original T MAX design!

Technical Specifications

0.0125mm resolution X and Y (125 micron) 80 steps/mm GT2 Belts
0.005mm resolution Z (50 micron) Error over 10cm = 0mm 3200 steps/mm
Up to 200mm/s Print Speed
8 x 8 x 10tall Build Volume = 640 cubic inches

Well Thought Through Extras:

LED Lighting See what youre printing!
Pre-Built 3dSuppli.com Extruder (Wades Reloaded with lots of upgrades) including a Milled Hobbed Bolt from Hive76
Aluminum Shaft Couplers
Power Switch with Integrated Fuse
Borosilicate Print Bed with PET Tape Print Surface
Aerogel Infused Insulation Layer for Heated Bed
Multi-size Wire Sleeving to eliminate spaghetti wiring
Kit Includes Full Wiring, Heat Shrink Tubing, and Quick Connectors
Quick Change Spool Mount Design


Vex Robotics Team 42

Participate in progressive build of Vex robots. Practice driving pre-built robots using remote control.

Healthy easy Muffins

easy to make, and

Home Crafts

Hand made, wheel thrown pottery to include Vases, bowls, mugs, and plates. (by Thomas DeGan)

Hand painted home furnishings such as stools, small cabinets, mirror frames, etc… (by Laura Pardue)

Maker Show & Tell

Maker Show & Tell is showcase of projects from various members of NoVA Labs and associated groups. Some of the items may be for sell in the silent auction, all of them are for you to talk enjoy, talk about, and learn.

LinuxCNC on BeagleBone

Demo of LinuxCNC running on a BeagleBone Black controlling a small CNC machine. The BeagleBone will be running Debian Linux as a free standing computer supporting its own monitor and keyboard. The machine interface will be via the K9-CNC-I/O-Cape which provides step and direction control of stepper motors through emulated PC style parallel ports.

Brent’s Musaeum of Fantastic Wonders

I make tabletop games: board games, card games, role-playing games. i’ve made games that capture sword and sorcery, survival horror, the Age of Exploration, science fiction, steampunk, and Hayao Miyazaki movies. Want to play? Stop by!


Scan Your Head

Get a 3D scan of your head! Sit on our rotating platform while a Kinect scans your torso and software turns it into a 3D mesh you can download at home. For an extra fee after the show we’ll make a print of it with our 3D printer and mail it to you.


tbd – art making project

Creatively Upcycled

Using found objects and other materials to take Junk to Jewelry, a form of up-cycling for the fashion and jewelry designer in all of us.

We will also show you how to take recycled materials and start your own Journal, something every creative maker and artist needs.

Informal instructions will be given as well as demos, if you want to take part a small kit fee will enable you to take home your very own jewelry or journal.


Fun with Arduino Projects

Scott Bennett and jim Sweeney will show off Arduino technology and the various projects that we are doing. We will have several Arduino and project prototypes on display and will answer the following questions:

a. What is an Arduino
b. What can you do with it?
c. How can I get started?

Camelot Elementary School Makerspace

Elementary students at Camelot Elementary School take pride in their creations! School can be innovative and fun!

Nova Labs Robotics

Nova Labs Robotics program is open to any kids from K through 12. Our vision is to help kids learn robotics and have fun developing skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). We’re passionate about helping kids who might enjoy learning robotics, solving complex problems, building and programming, and working together as a team and competing in robotics events with gracious professionalism.


Bike Bling

Help make this bike become a work of art, suitable for silent auction to benefit Phoenix Bikes. We got the bling, you get to help apply it. Glue guns, rhinestones, and other beautiful sparkly things will put this bike over the top!

Tuesday Night Costumers

We make costumes! Come look see examples of historic and fantasy costumes–for reenactment, cosplay and just for fun.

Train-Activated Makey-Makey

We use a electric model train as a trigger for a Makey-Makey hooked up via Raspberry Pi to a variety of Scratch programs to chart average speed, location on track, and more. We hope to demonstrate how the Makey-Makey can be used in unexpected and creative ways.

Super Novas

Super Novas is the Nova Labs program for young makers, we provide kid-friendly STEAM activities from our home base at Nova Labs. We’ll have three activities going on at Maker Faire:
Squishy Circuits – Learn the basics of electronics by building things out of electrically conductive dough!
Minecraft and the Real World – Come play a little Minecraft, and see physical objects in the real world that are controlled from within the game, and vice-versa!
Crayon Recycling – We’ll bring our crayon recycling machine if you bring your old, broken crayons. Melt them down and create new crayons from them!

Making Maps Make Sense

Learn skills that can turn boring data into a map that tells a story! Participants will be able to use map tools to help interpret data through GIS software.

Woodworking with a CNC Router

If you’ve ever thought about mixing computers with woodworking, here’s an opportunity to find out more about it. You will be able to see a CNC router in action throughout the day, producing items you can take home with you. What you can make is only limited by your imagination and there will be examples of some of my previous projects on hand to give you some starter ideas.


Phoenix Bikes

Working with almost 100% recycled materials, we make jewelry and clothing accessories from recycled bicycle parts. Phoenix Bikes is an Arlington-based nonprofit organization that empowers youth to become social entrepreneurs through participation in a sustainable community bike shop.



NOVARRG (Northern Virginia RepRap Group) is the group formed for the 3d-printing community to collaborate, share, and inspire each other. We’ve sponsored four previous 3d-printer build groups, where participants get a box of components, and put together their own 3d-printer. We usually meet the first Saturday of the month at Nova Labs (http://nova-labs.org).

Ideaventions: Making Science and Engineering Fun!

Join Ideaventions to design, build and test! Join us for building and making fun for the family:

Egg Trauma Center: Kids design egg protection devices (EPDs) with recycled materials and then drop them from various heights to see if their eggs survive or splat. It will be a smashing time learning about impulses and energy!

Towers of Delight: Builders use their hands and minds to create towers using only dowel rods and rubber bands. Learn about forces and trusses as you build the tallest tower or create your own structures.

Hover-Crafters!: Make an balloon-powered hovercraft that doubles as a curling stone without needing ice. Before taking it home, try it out on in the curling target area to see how it works. We need you! Be the next great Maker and future member of the US Curling team.


InMoov, Powered by MyRobotLab

InMoov is the first open source, 3D printable, life sized humanoid robot. It is the personal project of Gael Langevin, a French modelmaker and sculptor. It is powered by My Robot Lab software. http://www.inmoov.fr

Myrobotlab is a open source Java service based framework for robotics and creative machine control. The services myrobotlab include machine vision, speech recognition, text to speech, 3D vision with Kinect, Motor control, Servo control, GUI control and microcontroller communication just to name a few. In other words … One software to rule them all! http://myrobotlab.org

Kreative Kids

Kreative Kids provides arts and crafts classes and camps for children ages three through twelve and sewing classes for children in grades three through six. At the Mini-maker Faire, we will be making beaded spiders with the children, and will be part of the Activity Rocket Village. Also on display will be many arts and crafts and sewing projects that children have made.


YMCA Arlington – Summer Day Camp

Are you looking for a super summer experience for your children? Summer is right around the corner and the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington is happy to share that we have LOTS to offer to keep your camper busy and engaged all summer long! We are offering a variety of summer camp programs this year that range from themed Traditional Day Camps and Aquatics Camps to Specialty Camps, such as Art, Cooking and Science to Sports that include Archery, Biking, and Basketball to Travel Camps that go offsite each day on a different field trip. Theres something for everyone!



TinyG is an multi-axis stepper motor control system for tabletop milling, 3d printing, art projects or other automation


[carrythewhat?] replications

We have been displaying, curating, and selling products from our in-home 3D printers for a few years. It has been a fabulous way to expose the technology to the general public, as well as familiarize people with the concepts and capabilities of 3D printing and open source design. Most of our items are puzzles, brain teasers, games, or have a flare for the scientific. Observing both kids and adults interact with the items has been fascinating! Our products are “hands on,” however, there is no structured activity at the booth. We strive to bring these tangible 3D printed, affordable, objects to more people.


GEMS [Langston Hughes Hall of Nations]

GEMS Takeapart Zone

Join us in disassembling non-functioning equipment (cameras, telephones, computer keyboards, printers, appliances, you name it) to see what makes it all tick. We will examine inside everyday machines. Identity components. Learn about and practice using tools. Some parts we will save and use for future projects and we will recycle what we can.

Girls in increasing numbers have been opting out ofthe worlds of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) ascourses in school and as careers. Why? No good reason. STEM projects are about creative problem solving, innovating and teamwork.

The GEMS club has been working since 1994 toreverse this trend and to expose 3rd through 8th grade girls to the fun and wonder of STEM fields. A grassroots network of clubs and conferences across the country, the GEMS Club provides resources for teachers, parents and girls interested in STEM.www.gemsclub.org


frederickswerken makerspace

Fredericksburg area Hacker space, focusing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) out reach and working on a permenent physical location in fredericksburg area. Visit http://www.frederickswerken.org


DC Robotics Group

DC Robotics Group Exhibits
Details TBD…
Robotics and Arduino, RasberryPi Exhibit
Littlebits , hands on demonstration possible
Glenn will submit another form for update with details.



Strawbees is a construction kit based on one simple unit that lets you connect straws to each other. You stick a Strawbee into the ends of a standard quarter inch (6mm) straw to make struts and then connect them with another Strawbee.


High Power Rocketry Team at Thomas Jefferson HSST

High school students from Thomas Jefferson HSST are working to eject an unmanned aerial vehicle from their high power rocket. The students are also doing research with reconnaissance and will be putting a video recorder and a live camera on their unmanned aerial vehicle. This is a continuation of the project students began last year through the NASA Student Launch Initiative.

Please feel free to try out the stomp rockets at our booth!

http://https://sites.google.com/site/2013tjsli/ https://sites.google.com/site/tjhsstrocketryclub/

Educational Kits

I have developed a few different educational kits targeting space exploration. Kits include a rover kit and a planetary lander kit that can be launched in a high power rocket.

I will have two rover kits set up for attendees to control via wifi links. One will be through a touch screen and the other with a joystick. Lesson materials will be available for viewing. All kits are available for sale and include instructions. The kits use Arduino and Processing software.


Eva’s Fused Glass Desgins

Demonstrating how to make jewelry pendants, earrings and other accessories by cutting and layering various types of colored and dichroic glass which will be fused together in a kiln. Demonstrating slumping and draping techniques with glass to make dishes, bowls and other types of projects for fusing and kiln firing.

Small Batch Assembly

Small Batch Assembly is a no-frills electronics assembly service for makers, DIYers, Students, Researchers, and professional Electrical Engineers. We are are bootstrap business venture co-located with NoVA Labs in Reston, VA.

On exhibit will be collateral may also be some additional related hardware hackery on exhibit.


Asma Chaudhary: Home Maker

Asma Chaudhary’s artworks explore the duality of a domesticated homemaker by physically recreating the home environment. Asma makes every effort to use discarded materials and repurpose them into basic necessities for survival such as shelter, warmth, luminance, sustenance, mobility, and intellectual growth. Some of her installations include breaking down grocery carts and welding them into chairs, sewing workman’s gloves together to create couture-like dresses and cushions, and reformatting sleeping bags to play on the idea of innocence and crisis. Asma pays homage to handicrafts made by village artisans in India and Pakistan through her use of vibrant colors and intricate techniques. Visitors observing the knitting and yarn-bombing techniques on shopping carts and other surface materials are encouraged to participate in a communal setting and learn more about this colorful subculture.


Intro to Arduino mini class

This is a miniature version of my Arduino 101 class that I teach at NovaLabs. Schedule to be less than 1/2 long, it will show the Ted Talks video that Massimo Banzi did and show off a few completed, interesting projects. I will demonstrate how to do “blinky” .

time for class: 30 minutes.

Punchtec, LLC 3D Printers

Your 3D revolution starts here — let’s create!


Make your own printer or repurpose someone else’s design

I have built several printers and CNC machines, but I’ve always wanted to make something that can work as both. I propose to bring in my Fab@Home Model 2, which is no longer supported, and is in the public domain, made out of acrylic and pretty big. I propose to modify it to run with ordinary steppers and a RAMPS board and who how I can swap out the head to turn it into a CNC machine or laser cutter.

Make your own model rockets using 3D Printers

3D Printing opens the door to making all sorts of cool model rockets otherwise not available anywhere. Some designs fly well, some not so much. This project discusses the considerations related to 3D Printing a rocket and offers some samples for others to download and try out. Some of my printed rockets will be available to look at. Given an indication of the size of the session, I will also print some basic fin-cans and nose cones and make those available for folks to build rockets on the spot.

5-Cent Compressed Air Rocket

Using an item from the big-box hardware store, some stuff lying around the garage and a small compressor, we’ll launch construction paper rockets for less than a nickel which can reach heights of 200 or more feet!

Do you Bamboo?

Bamboo in Northern Virginia is known as an invasive species, but it can also be thought of as a renewable resource for construction projects. What better way to encourage better management and removal of it by bringing wider awareness to its possible uses?

Robert Peesel Designs

By utilizing common woodworking tools, I am able to create unique and functional wood products. These products include everything from kitchen utensils to exquisite rocking chairs.

Have We Got Mystery for You!

Got A Minute? Have We Got A Mystery for You! Our mysteries challenge your science and math knowledge and put your critical thinking skills to use.

Do you know 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Science? We do!! We wrote the book on it. 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math, too.

Test your knowledge against our childrens science and math authors.


Light Up Your World (0r at least an LED)!

Participants will use conductive thread, an LED, a battery and a needle to sew a very simple soft electrical circuit. Basic sewing skills (threading a needle, sewing a line) are required. When you are finished, the LED will light up, and you will have created your first soft electrical circuit.

There will also be some garments, with LEDs embedded in the design, to see.


PICAXE & Electronic Kits

PICAXE Microcontroller Starter Kits
DIY LED Scoreboard Kits
DIY Interactive Control Console Kit


Hydroxy gas generator- fueling (or acting as a supplementary fuel) a car with the gases producd by water electrolysis.


Club125 is the Greenbelt Community Clubhouse, a makerspace in the heart of Old Greenbelt MD. We are a family friendly activity center with classes, workshops, and fun projects. Stop by our booth and spend a few minutes to design and add your character to our Maker Faire animated party, and ask us how you can make a makerspace in your community!


The Children’s Science Center presents “ArtBot: Creative Engineering”

Make something that makes art! “ArtBot: Creative Engineering” invites a wide variety of designs, while allowing reuse of materials, a range of complexity, collaboration, and iteration. Use K’NEX, motors, rubber bands, clips, batteries, markers, wheels, paper, velcro, or watercolors to create your original work of art!


Wool Dreadlocks

Mighty Girl Art is an art empowerment workshop for girls (and moms) located in Northern Virginia. We live in a society where a girl’s self confidence is challenged daily by an assault of images which suggest that they are somehow not good enough the way they are. Mighty Girl Art empowers young girls to feel good about themselves through a series of projects that fosters creativity and nurtures self-esteem.

Founder Wendy Cook, her assistant Chelsea and a few of her Mighty Girls
will demonstrate how to make felted wool dreadlocks. This is a hands-on activity.



FutureMakers is a mobile makerspace for small hands with big ideas. Wherever our team of coaches go, young makers and families learn and grow. Welcome to the mini maker zone, where everything you make is yours to take!

Wind Tubes: Create floating creatures! Build, test, try and fly your creations in one of four specially built wind chambers.


Trash is a failure of imagination. Aaron Kramer

Trashmagination changes how we think about trash and consumption through creative re-use and making instead of buying.

Carla Brown has been making unusual and fun items from trash for twenty years. She loves teaching adults and children that they can make things even if they dont think they are good at it. She loves inspiring others to take action in big and small ways in their lives.

At the Maker Faire NOVA, you can make a butterfly from recycled milk jug plastic and string plastic caps to make a caperpillar. Get other creative reuse ideas at the Trashmagination activity area.


The Wheelmen

Antique bicycles, including Penny-farthings, plus other bicycles (most are pre-1918).


Arduino Projects

Compressed Air Ping pong ball shooter
Compressed Air Rocket launcher
GPS Location display
Random Dice
Motion detector camera
Morse Code glove
Morse Code keyer
Harry Potter Sorting Hat
Mind Storm
Pixie 2 shortwave radio

Solar Car Race

Students build a solar-powered car that will travel under bright sunlight or indoors using the supplied parts and instructions.

KIT INCLUDES: Solar Panel, Chassis, Wheels, Axles, DC Motor, Gear font, Blocking Diode, Wiring, Rechargeable Battery, Battery Holder, On-Off Switch, Super glue gel and Instruction Booklet.


Kids Technology Demo

{Please note, we are part of the Activity Rocket Village}

Stop by to see our live demo showing how to program your own custom blocks, weapons, and food for use in the popular Minecraft game. We’ll also show you how to program and manipulate your own personal Lego robot! Ask about our host of services, including summer camp, birthday parties, and computer classes.


DIY Book Scanner Exhibit

Implementation of DIY Book Scanner, an open source design by Daniel Reetz (www.diybookscanner.org). Using two RaspberryPi’s with the 8MP camera modules to do the actual imaging. Frame of book scanner was cut on our co-located Blacktoe CNC machine. Page turning is done by hand but should be able to scan a 300 page book in about a half hour.


Spy Museum

From remote wireless listening devices to microdots, spies have always depended on technology and their “maker wits” to solve problems. Solutions that sometimes can mean the difference between life or death on a spy mission. Join the staff from the International Spy Museum who will demonstrate spy gadgets they have created and provide top secret instructions so you can make them at home. Your mission…well…that’s classified for now!


Fermenting Foods At Home

Fermentation has been used over the centuries and throughout the world to preserve food. If you’ve eaten sauerkraut or yogurt, you’ve eaten fermented foods. These foods are delicious and nutritious. In this workshop, you will learn the science behind lacto-fermentation and how to prepare fermented foods in your own kitchen.


A mobile robot, built using the Arduino Yun, that can be remotely driven around and take pictures of its environment. Controlled over a wireless network using a simple web interface, this robot can remotely monitor your home or play with your cats! Attendees will have the opportunity to control the robot.

Jewelry Making

Hand made jewelry.

Karen and Lois cut and polish the stones.
They also make the settings and chains.

The large display will contain a number of pieces they have made.
One table top display shows the progression from raw stone to a finished piece.


We’re not sure of project yet, but we’ll have our own signs.

Wood carvings and shadow boxes

A miniature Rock Shop, a miniature Metal Forge, hand carved miniature furniture, hand carved

walking sticks

I am submitting this for a friend who is 92 years old. He is a do-it-yourself person with many

years of experience.

Joe will have a number of hand carved walking sticks and other objects.

There will also be a number of shadow boxes – miniature lit boxes containing hand made furniture,

tools, and the like.

I will describe 2, but will bring more.

The mineral shop – see photo.
The display cases are filled with real mineral. Miniature magazine covers were made using photo

reduction. The miniature shark teeth are real and self collected.

Metal forge.
Contains the fire pit, bellows, and tools normally found in a forge shop.

The additional cases will contain hand carved miniature furniture.

Silence is Betrayal

Silence is Betrayal. An Electro-Luminescent, Animated sculpture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. designed for Burningmans American Dream theme.Through neon light and sound, the participant experiences Dr. Kings powerful messages; both his dreams and his call to action.
Soundtrack based on Dr. Kings speech Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence, 1967.

The Fiberistas

Fiberista collaboration: spinning, knitting, sewing, hand-dyeing, felting and more. Demonstrations of spinning with a variety of techniques ranging from basic drop spindles to electric spinning wheels.

Loudoun County Public Library

Explore what Loudoun County Public Library has to offer you, and your organization or club. Chat with a librarian about the advanced technology (such as our Espresso Book Machine), STE(A)M programs, and books that are available to local residents.


House of cards

I make small table-top houses out of basswood and balsa and cover them with scraps of playing cards to look like ‘houses of cards.’

The Chaos Machine

A Chaos Machine (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos_Machine) is a massive collection of tubes, tracks, motors and other widgets that can be used to move marbles around a layout that you build yourself. Its a bit like Lego, only with marbles racing around. The main components of the machine are produced in kits from Chaos Toy (http://www.chaostoy.com/).
The machine is set up as a basic framework by the Machine Wranglers, then participants (Mechanics) begin to build tracks, install ball lifts, add stunts, and generally have a good time learning and problem-solving.
Over the years more sets have been added, so the machine grows larger with each appearance.

Interaction with the Chaos Machine is strongly encouraged. Depending upon
age and inclination, interaction can range from gathering fallen balls and
adding them back to the machine up to and including adding new track and
stunts (loops, trampolines, switches, etc.) to the machine. I usually
suggest that children 8 and younger be accompanied by parents who can
provide guidance and direction.



Hands on modeling with clay for kids and 3D printing demonstration.


Nova Labs

Northern first, best, and only makerspace! Founded in the fall of 2011, we have grown to over 100 members and almost 1200 members of the local community. There isn’t much we don’t do, but the highlights are: robots, 3d-printing, woodworking, metalworking, laser-cutting, drones, electronics, STEM events, costuming, crafts and cooking.


Fiber Arts: Weaving, Rug Hooking and Kumihimo

Mairlyn Harrington will demonstrate weaving on a floor loom
Kathy Stoner will demonstrate rug hooking
Joan Hutten with demonstrate Kumihimo and offer a hands on opportunity to try Kumihimo (braiding)

Greater Reston Arts Center and South Lakes High School

Greater Reston Arts Center teams up with the South Lakes HS Art department to create art in imaginative ways.

Hardware Jewelry: Create your own unique imaginative jewelry by creatively bringing new life to re-purposed and recycled materials.

Public Art project:  South Lakes Art Department poses a public art design question, “If you were to create a public work of art for the location shown, what would it be”?  Design your art then create a model of your idea using materials on hand.


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