2015 Makers

Below are the makers we expect to be exhibiting at the 2015 NoVa Mini Maker Faire. We hope you enjoy perusing the exhibits and checking out the Maker’s websites for more info. This list will grow as additional Makers are added in the coming days/weeks.

The Chaos Machine The Chaos Machine is a large automated marble machine. What makes it chaotic is that everyone is invited to modify the machine, limited only by imagination and the laws of motion.
Gravity is Optional Our group does weird science demonstrations at various events. We try to do things that most people will never see in another venue.
High Altitude Rocket Project (HARP) A rocket built to reach the stratosphere and return to earth as a fully autonomous glider
Nova Labs Vehicles — Flight Simulator and Go Kart Fully enclosed flight simulator
Interactive, 50-year old Teletype An antique remote printer is brought back to life
Handspinning yarn – 222 Handspun Learn how to spin yarn on a drop spindle.
The Wheelmen – Antique Bicycles Antique bicycles up to the 1918.
Activity Rocket Interactive Village 10 Interactive Exhibits from Activity/Camp Makers
STEM @ Loudoun County Public Library Learn about the hands-on programs and events at Loudoun County Public Library
Making Makers Loudoun Country Day School students are “making” and learning through project-based learning.
ElecMech Designs Interested in microcontrollers, but don’t know where to start? Stop on by ElecMech Designs and we’ll introduce you to the PICAXE – it’s simple, inexpensive, and easy to learn with free software you program in BASIC.
Creating a Workbench Various ways to make your own workbench. You don’t need to spend a lot to have a great workbench.
GEMS Take Apart Zone Disassemble machines to explore how things work, what can be recycled, and how to (eventually) fix things.
Asma Chaudhary: Home Maker We will provide an interactive performance where visitors can wrap yarn, bells, and pipe cleaners around different objects such as bird cages, baskets, and tricycles.
Decadent Minimalist CNC Machined Aluminum Wallet built and tested in a makerspace
Felted Wool Anemone Brooch We will be teaching a wet felting method to make colorful anemone brooches. This is a hands-on project.
TechShop DC-Arlington TechShop DC-Arlington is a playground for creativitiy and a platform for innovation.
Rocket Party Build your own rocket and launch using our air-powered rocket party launcher
Printed Solid Unique 3D Printing Filament and Lost PLA 3D Printing in Metal.
Phoenix Bikes: Transforming Used Bike Parts Transform used bicycle parts into jewelry and craft items
Automated Animals A series of arcade games based on the theme of “Steampunk Animals”
Making Doodle Jewelry from Wire Bending wire by hand to make a charm, bracelet or pendant of their own design.
Trashmagination Carla Brown has been making unusual and fun items from trash for twenty years. Come weave trash into a Maker Faire wall hanging at her booth.
Imprimo Mega Latin for Printing Large (3D of course)
Ideaventions: Making Science and Engineering Fun! Join Ideaventions to design, build and test! Join us for building and making fun for the family.
jenmadeit solutions for special needs
Kilmer Middle School Makerspace See what a makerspace looks like in a middle school library, participate in hands-on activities, talk with the collaborative team who supports the space, and explore the resources we have available to our students.
Camelot Elementary School Makerspace The students at FCPS’s Camelot Elementary are lucky to have their own Makerspace at school. See the latest and greatest thinking by our young student makers!
ArtBots Artbots are small, creative creations that use markers, vibrating motors, and/or any other components to create unique and colorful art. Using recycled materials in fun and unexpected ways brings creativity to the functionality of everyday objects.
Rovers and ROVs Educational Rover Kits and ROV Kits for everyone to play with
Have We Got a Mystery for You! Our mysteries challenge your science and math skills! Test your knowledge against our children’s science and math authors.
Make a Ring – It’s that easy! Encouraging creative youngsters to step up up and have a go at the fascinating art of silver ring making.
Primitive Skills Demonstration of “stone age” technology, including flintknapping and making cordage from native plants.
Etch-A-CNC An Etch-A-Sketch controller for CNC machinery.
Jewelry Making Hand made jewelry.
FredWorks Makerspace Formerly Fredrickswerken, our mission remains to build a community supported makerspace in the Fredericksburg Va region and offer community classes and resources to support all manner of making.
Nova Labs Nova Labs is the premier makerspace in Northern Virginia and the DC Metro area
Staunton Makerspace R2D2, Tensegrity project, other assorted sillyness
M^3 – Mini Me Maker Home built 3d Scanner
Raspberry Pi School The objective of the project is to show kids and parents how easy it is to get started with with their own Raspberry Pi project.
The Amazing 3D Printed Art Exhibition A selection of interactive 3D printing art pieces including the Incredible 3D Printing Gumball Gallery, the Interactive Art Synthesizer and the Radical Rainbow Line.
Nova Labs STEM4Makers Display projects made in this kids program. Public tries their hand at a project.
[carrythewhat?] replications [carrythewhat?] replications aims to share creative and unexpected examples of what modern, in-home, 3D Printers are capable of producing. We also offer the printers themselves for sale, as well as years of experience in the industry.
Fiber Art Fun with Studio Fiber Arts at the Workhouse Arts Center Weaving, Quilting and Kumihimo- see it and try it. Watch a weaver create cotton towels on a floor loom. Try your hand at quilting and kumihimo with a take home project.
OUYACade: OUYA 4 Player Mini-Arcade Tabletop Video Game System The OUYACade project is a fusion of 4 tabletop arcade cabinets for iPad with an OUYA based Android video game microconsole. Imagine building your own 4 player mini-arcade tabletop system that has over 1000+ games that also allows you to learn and program your own Android based games on the OUYA.
Fairfax County Public Library: Crafts Old-School and New-style Fairfax County Public Library staff show you their favorite crafty projects.
Making Maps Make a Difference We will demonstrate how ordinary citizens can become digital humanitarians helping to map hotspots.
Sustainability Neighborhood Demos and Activities A “Sustainability Neighborhood” with Alternative Energy, Emergency Preparedness, Solar Panels and Solar Ovens, Old Fashioned Cooking and Equipment, and Making a Raft from Empty Water Bottles.
3D Printing Toys and Games We use our 3D Printer to create toys and game pieces
Recycled Imagination We inspire children to be innovators, creators and visionaries through use of recylced materials and found objects.
Science and Innovation Lab Explore biology, physics, chemistry, and math with fun hands-on activities. Put your knowledge to use by making a prototype invention and adding to our Innovation Wall!
Marvelous Modular Origami The fractals and patterns within origami are beautiful, delicate and complex. Come see some examples of modular origami and walk away with a simple craft of your own.
Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education Exhibit Civil Air Patrol
Falls Church HS STEAM Works A table of projects from the young makers at Falls Church High School. Projects range from playable video games, apps, robotics, furniture, and sculptures made from recycled materials.
TRAPSat micro satellite for capturing space debris and micro-meteorites.
Artist Trading Card Workshop and Swap: Greater Reston Arts Center Explore and share your creativity! Create a trading card sized artwork to take with you or start a dialogue and swap it for another artist’s work in this collaborative art project.
Meet Gadgeteer: Modular, Reusable Electronics Learn how you can build great prototype gadgets, fast, with reusable modules and mainboards, and easy-to-use coding environment.
3D Printing…Without a Printer A presentation on the various resources available for people to get involved with 3D printing without owning a 3D printer.
3D Printing with Blender My booth will share lessons I have learned the past year using Blender in modeling and having them 3D printed.
Homebuilt Bikes Exhibit homebuilt bikes and recumbents with knowledgeable builders
Mosaics Demonstration I will create mosaic art using glass and other materials. Guests will be able to see the use of professional tools.
Blacksmithing demontration We will be demonstrating historical metal working techniques using traditional tools and methods, including forging with a coal forge and anvil. We will be making simple tools, household items, and ornamental ironwork. Spectators will be invited to ask questions regarding the demonstration.
Internet of Things Garage Door Automation Use the innards of a Wemo switch, an Arduino micro controller, and a few extra parts to completely automate a garage door.
padLpolo Invented a way to play a lacrosse-like game on a Stand Up Paddle Board or Canoe. Prototypes created with 3D Printers on Langston Hughes MS and Nova Labs.
C3 Cyber Club – Minecraft Programming Demo Get a taste of what you can learn when you combine programming and Minecraft!
Catapults & Balistas Explore Trajectory, Torsion, Torque, Force, and Materials
Top Drone A booth where people can learn about uavs and fly them in a head-to-head competition through an obstacle course.
The ART of LEGOS What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever created with LEGOS? Join us and explore the colorful bricks as an artistic medium!
OlivosARTstudio Two artists who love to teach Fine Art and Innovation meet. Join us and create!
Safe Routes to School Promoting active transportation to school.
Language Education We are a language education company for young children. We are dedicated to “making” children bilingual or trilingual.
Nova Labs Robotics Our vision is to help kids learn robotics and have fun developing skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
TinyG Motion Control Platform Desktop manufacturing, 3d printing and other small motion projects are made easy with TInyG
Create Public Art models: South Lakes HS STEAM Team Activity is model making concepts for public art to be displayed in the middle of Lake Thoreau.
Make your own silly putty/ Robotics demonstrations Participants get to combine ingredients to make their own polymer that they can take home. We will also have an interactive robotics demonstration where visitors can try using different robots to complete various mini-missions.
Jimmy Potters Workshop Pottery classes for kids & adults
Dogs of Steel FRC Team 2186 A robotics team based at Westfield High School. We design and build large robots every year.
Houses of cards I make houses of cards out of balsa wood, basswood, and other materials, including recycled clemintined boxes
WyoLum ClockStravaGanza Clocks, word clocks, digital clocks, timers, analog clocks and more Open Hardware clocks
The Scarlet Stitch Specialty clothes, accessories, and other things crocheted by me.
Outer Mandolia Cartooning, drawing, and finished work. An exhibition, demonstration, and workshop.
DC Area Drone User Group – Drone demos! Drone builders safely show off their designs and demonstrate the capabilities of their creations!
George Mason University Makers GMU Students sharing our inspiration and love of making through STEM outreach programs and our Makerspace workshops.
Power Brain Energy Balls Particpants will create their own energy balls with their minds eye and draw or mold their vision with crayons and/or playdough.
LisArts (part of the Activity Rocket Village) Art Classes and Summer Art Camps for children and teens of all ages with professional award-winning artist/teacher/summer camp director Lisa Zadravec. 20years of teaching and summer camps
JH Woodworks – Wildfowl Carvings Original wildfowl carvings ranging from waterfowl decoys to song birds and raptors.
Loudoun County Aeromodelers Association Remote Control Flying Aircraft Club in Loudoun County
Demo-Vation with UpCycle Creative Reuse Center Create something new out of discarded elements from a nearby take-apart workshop.