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Is Lacrosse on Paddleboard Reston’s Next Sport?

First, there was standup paddleboarding on Reston’s lakes. Then came yoga on said paddleboards. Now, Steve Gurney, the owner of Surf Reston Stand Up Paddleboarding, has come up with a new way for fun on the lake.

Two summers ago, Gurney attached a lacrosse stick to a paddle and got the idea for Paddle Polo. Players can use the paddle to pass the ball back and forth as the cruise around on water — or engage in a fast-paced polo, lacrosse, even golf or baseball games.

About a dozen design changes later, Gurney has a provisional patent, a Reston-based (albeit small) manufacturing operation and an e-commerce site.

“I was lifeguarding via SUP at the lake swim [on Lake Audubon], and I had a couple of lifeguards talking about lacrosse,” said Gurney.

Paddle Polo stick/Courtesy Paddle PoloGurney shared his idea with his father, Jack, a retired engineer. Jack Gurney tweaked the design and used the 3D printer at Langston Hughes Middle School, where he is a volunteer, to make the second prototype, said Gurney.

The Gurneys then moved the design test to Reston’s Nova Labs, a makerspace, where the design went through further changes.

“My dad and I presented at the Nova Mini Maker Faire this spring to show people how you can execute on an idea using community resources,” said Gurney. “Our current model is manufactured from several sources but assembled in my garage. Things are heating up with the sales we are doing really well with youth camps and lacrosse camps leagues and tournaments.”

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Technology rules art class at Kenmore Middle School


You’ll find paintbrushes, glue sticks and fresh white paper waiting to be scribbled on in the art room at Arlington’s Kenmore Middle School. But you’ll also see wood planks lying against the walls, sawdust covering the floor, 3-D printers and a cabinet of power tools that would make a carpenter envious.

The technology-and-arts-focused school embraces the idea that art doesn’t stand alone — instead, it incorporates every subject area, including science and math.

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A nice feature in Connection News


Many thanks to the Connection News for highlighting the NoVa Mini Maker Faire yesterday. Some great pics too!

Tim Stahmer just finished uploading his shots!

Thanks to Tim Stahmer for some really nice photographs. I am impressed by the volunteer photographers and their results yet again this year. Take a look at the shots from Tim below. Thank you!

makerfaire15 2 makerfaire15 4 makerfaire15 14 makerfaire15 17 makerfaire15 26 makerfaire15 29 makerfaire15 35 makerfaire15 38 makerfaire15 41 makerfaire15 44 makerfaire15 45 makerfaire15 46 makerfaire15 48

More shots from one of our attendees, Pia :-)

Thank you for sharing, Pia!

DSC_0147 (351x533) DSC_0112 (656x1024) DSC_0129 (615x410) DSC_0120 (1024x682)

Did you lose this at the Maker Faire?

Found, one pretty (not valuable) earring. Let us know if you’re missing it!

Some great feedback on the Faire from attendees…

We are receiving a lot of positive feedback on the social networks and our blog which just warms the hearts of everyone on the organizing team. Seems like a lot of people had a wonderful time at this year’s Faire.

The event was spectacular.  I saw every venue occupied with great interest.  Morgan’s interest was very much around the science and engineering and she found plenty to occupy her (and my) interest.  I played with all the drones, (and so did Morgan.)
For me, the food trucks were a great idea!  And you’re going to have to give more room for the chaos machine… that was so fun, but there were just so many people wanting to play — a great problem to have… 😊
I can’t think of anything to improve.  You need to be concerned about needing more room as this gatherers momentum.  As a sponsor, I can tell you it is important to show up and see what this is all about.  I had no idea!!!  I’m happy to spread the word, tell the press, etc…
Awesome event… 😃
– Ken Knueven – President of Reston Association
And a message from one of our dedicated volunteers…
We are sending out surveys to attendees, volunteers and makers today and hope you will take a moment to let us know how your Faire experience was and how we can improve it for next year. Thank you!

And some more great shots from our volunteer, Scott McIntosh!

Many thanks to Scott for helping photograph all the happenings on Sunday. We have more photographers uploading their images and videos as well. But for now, enjoy the early harvest from the Faire!

2015 Maker Mini Faire 082 2015 Maker Mini Faire 078 2015 Maker Mini Faire 067 2015 Maker Mini Faire 084 2015 Maker Mini Faire 076 2015 Maker Mini Faire 079 2015 Maker Mini Faire 073 2015 Maker Mini Faire 075 2015 Maker Mini Faire 085

Some great shots from our volunteer Photog, Mohammad Hoque

Thank you so much, Mohammad. Really nice shots 🙂

MakerFaire-MH017 MakerFaire-MH010 MakerFaire-MH003 MakerFaire-MH009 MakerFaire-MH014 MakerFaire-MH001

Thanks to Vicky for sharing some photos from the Faire

Some nice shots from Vicky (twitter @TGAW). Click here to see them all. Thank you, Vicky!

16215311443_da7533360e_z 16809385406_9e89d490ac_z