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NoVa Mini Maker Faire Draws Innovators to Reston

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Click for the full article: RestonNow Article

We made Restonian.


We have arrived!

A Children’s Treasury of Photos From Reston’s Mini-Maker Faire

This past weekend, the second annual NoVa Mini Maker Faire attracted more than 3,000 visitors to South Lakes High School, the extraneous “e” on its name notwithstanding. Our favorite correspondent, the Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston, provided this account:

Channeling his inner Sheldon-Leonard-Howard (Raj, unfortunately, was busy randomly cold-calling Microsoft users to warn them that their Windows operating system had a virus), the Peasant From Less Sought After South Reston moseyed on over to South Lakes High on Sunday to see what this “NoVa Mini-Maker Faire” hoopla was all about.  In his befuddled state, the Peasant originally thought it might have something to do with the wee folk from Santa’s North Pole workshop, but no, this was Geekdom Kingdom in all its power and glory.  Read more…

3D Printing without Owning a 3D Printer

Did you miss the “3D Printing without Owning a 3D Printer” talk or did you not catch a link you were interested in? The presentation and a number of links to tutorials can be found on Vicky’s blog at

We Made Make!

Thanks to Make Magazine HQ for the article on this weekend’s NoVa Mini Maker Faire. 

Coming to the Faire on Sunday? Read This!

First, a huge thank you to our Sponsors. The event could not happen without their financial and in-kind support!


Getting to the Faire:

  • There is no parking at the Faire unless you have a handicap pass or are staff/exhibitors.
  • Free parking is available at the Wiehle-Reston East Station with free bus service to the Faire provided by Fairfax Connector, one of our biggest sponsors! Buses leave every 5-10 minutes from the South side of the metro station and its a short 6 minute ride. If you are arriving via Metro, turn right after you exit the turnstiles. If you are parking at the metro, walk towards the Metro station and through the station to the other side of the toll road/highway/RTE-267 for buses.
  • The Faire is easy to get to via the Metro with free dedicated buses taking you from the Wiehle-Reston East directly to the Faire and back.
  • You can bike to the Faire. We have free, secure Bike Valet. The route will be marked with Maker Faire Signs.
  • You can walk to the Faire. The Faire is about a 1.4 mile walk from the Metro along mostly sidewalks, tree lined paths, and lakes. It’s Reston 🙂 and it should be a nice day and it is a pretty walk! The route will be marked with Maker Faire Signs.
  • You can jog there too. But then you would be sweaty.
  • NO PETS ALLOWED except for guide dogs.
  • Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 3.00.22 PM

Tickets and Crowds:

  • We expect as many as 4,000 people. Peak arrival time for most attendees will likely be the 11:00 hour. The Faire runs from 10am-5pm.
  • Buy your tickets online ahead of time. And if you buy your tickets before the Saturday 11pm deadline you will also save money! Win win. If you do not buy ahead of time, you will likely be waiting in a long ticket line at the Faire.
  • Access to the Faire will be via two entrances, one at Langston Hughes Middle School and one at South Lakes High School. Buses will stop in front of these entrances. Have your tickets printed and ready for scanning by staff or on your cell phone. You will get an armband to allow you access to all activities.
  • The Faire takes place at both Langston Hughes Middle School and South Lakes High School as well as a number of outdoors exhibits (Rockets and Blacksmithing!). Dress for being outside when walking between schools and seeing the outdoor exhibits. The walk between the schools is just 5-6 minutes (not far).

Mobile App

  • We have a Mobile App that has lots of information including Maps, Events, Exhibitor Lists, and more. Check it out and bookmark it/add it to your home screen today:
  • The mobile App will be updated all day with what’s going on and any changes to events.
  • QR Code Maker Faire

Other Stuff

  • T-Shirts will be on sale at South Lakes. We will sell out, so if you want one, go early to get the right size!
  • Food Trucks will be onsite for a bite to eat.
  • Map of the Faire and Schedule of Events
  • Live Blog of cool stuff happening all day

Late Breaking DELICIOUS news

Do you look for a little boost in your energy level in the late afternoon? Or maybe you just need a good reason to walk outside and get some fresh air?

Good news! The NoVa Mini Maker Faire has the solution for you! We have just managed to get a fantastic addition to our food vendor offerings on Sunday.

From noon to 3:30 the Cheesecake Truck will be on-site, full of delicious offerings! Check them out here:

Coverage of the Faire on Herndon HCTV!

Thank you, Herndon HCTV! The clip has coverage of Saturday’s TedX event in Herndon (first annual) and the NoVa Mini Maker Faire (at about the 5 minute mark).

We have a Mobile App for 2015 (mobile optimized site)

QR Code Maker Faire

We are trying to save on printed paper materials (maps, schedules, etc) and instead use the power of the inter-webs and your smartphone. So new this year is a mobile “App” which has all kinds of great info for you when you attend the Faire on Sunday.

So give it a try at or QR code it (below) and bookmark the page or even add it to your home screen.

QR Code Maker Faire

Reston Now names us Weekend Pick!


Many thanks to Reston Now for highlighting the NoVa Mini Maker Faire as this weekend’s “pick”!

And they are totally correct in that buying tickets NOW is the right approach – buy your tickets online and don’t get stuck in long lines waiting to get into the Faire. Plus tickets are cheaper now then at the door on Sunday.